Hungry in Hanoi

I was trying to think of a catchy name for this blog that used some alliteration, because I love alliteration, and well, this was the best I could come up with. It's fitting because Hanoi is well known for its culinary delights (or perhaps better known as, amazing street food). We arrived in Hanoi on… Continue reading Hungry in Hanoi


I’m in Bali!

With just one day left in Bali, I thought it was about time I dropped in and wrote a bit of an update. I'm treating this blog as a bit of a travel journal, because I left my actual travel journal at home. It was all packed and ready to go, but then I went… Continue reading I’m in Bali!


Another Queenstown Adventure

Queenstown has quickly become my go-to travel destination when I'm looking for a getaway that makes you feel like you really got away from home, even though it's not that far away at all. With its quaint little streets and laneways, and people visiting from all over the world, it almost feels like you're in a… Continue reading Another Queenstown Adventure


Whirlwind Weekend in Wellington

A couple of weeks ago, I jumped on an early morning flight to Wellington, for a quick little weekend getaway. The primary purpose of our trip was to visit the Te Papa Museum to see the Gallipoli exhibition, but other than that, we skipped the touristy stuff and opted for a weekend of eating, drinking… Continue reading Whirlwind Weekend in Wellington

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What’s Happening in 2017

Hello lovely readers! It's been a bit quiet here on the blog for the last few weeks. I've been off enjoying the festive season, and a little bit of sunshine when it comes out from behind the clouds, which hasn't been happening enough considering it is the middle of summer, if you ask me. My holidays were… Continue reading What’s Happening in 2017


Long Weekend in Queenstown

Recently I took a couple of days off work and headed down to Queenstown, for an extra-long weekend getaway. This was my second trip down there in the space of year, but before that, I had never ever visited in my 25 years of living in New Zealand. It's a two hour flight from Auckland,… Continue reading Long Weekend in Queenstown


I Left My Heart in New York City

When you travel, you gather a lot of memories, stories, trinkets and new friends along the way. Some places you will love, and some places you won't want to rush back to. But there will be those few places that keep your heart long after you leave, as cliche as that may sound. The ones… Continue reading I Left My Heart in New York City