Cooking time: Strawberry and vanilla chia seed jam

I am totally not a morning person. I struggle to wake up every single day. One of the things that makes my morning that little better though, is having a yummy (and easy to make) breakfast to look forward to. I've spent many the hour on Pinterest, googling recipes, and experimenting with various ingredients.   … Continue reading Cooking time: Strawberry and vanilla chia seed jam

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Guide To Surviving Winter

You might have figured this out from my previous posts, but winter in New Zealand really isn't my favourite time of year. It's constantly freezing, it rains a lot, and there are absolutely no public holidays between June and October. It's a long haul. But it's not all doom and gloom. These cold days give… Continue reading Guide To Surviving Winter

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Learning to Cook – The Couple Edition

One of the things I'm quickly figuring out as I get deeper into my twenties is that adulting is hard. Paying rent every week, waking up early everyday, preparing healthy meals for myself etc. That last one, preparing meals, is one that I have always struggled with, ever since I started cooking for myself. It's… Continue reading Learning to Cook – The Couple Edition

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Baking Cookies and Learning Life Lessons

Tonight I decided to bake some cookies. Now the last time I baked would have been a good few years ago. Mostly this is because my house was not equipped with the necessities of baking, but also, I just find it kind of stressful. But, I felt like doing something productive tonight. And if I'm… Continue reading Baking Cookies and Learning Life Lessons

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Melbourne Exploring

Last weekend I took a quick trip across the ditch to one of my favorite cities, Melbourne. Every time I'm there, I fall a little more in love with the place. I was there primarily to attend a friend's wedding, but of course I made time to wander and explore, as I love to do.… Continue reading Melbourne Exploring