Whirlwind Weekend in Wellington

A couple of weeks ago, I jumped on an early morning flight to Wellington, for a quick little weekend getaway. The primary purpose of our trip was to visit the Te Papa Museum to see the Gallipoli exhibition, but other than that, we skipped the touristy stuff and opted for a weekend of eating, drinking and window shopping. Here are the highlights:

Gallipoli: The Scale of War Exhibition at Te Papa Museum

Te Papa is one of those “must do” things if you’re a first time visitor to Wellington. It’s a cool museum, perfect for a rainy day, like the day we went. This time we went specifically to the Gallipoli exhibition, which we had heard was amazing, and it absolutely went above and beyond my expectations. This exhibition would be fascinating for anyone, but for those of us New Zealanders who grew up learning about Gallipoli, and commemorate it on ANZAC Day each year, the exhibition is truly worth seeing. I was amazed by how much I learned, how much I didn’t know, and how emotional it made me feel. Truly amazing, and truly worth the trip. I believe it is on for at least another year or two, so definitely check it out.

The Arborist

This popular bar and restaurant was next door to our hotel, so it was the perfect spot for an afternoon wine before heading out for dinner. The decor was very cool, and the menu looked delicious. If we had been hanging around Wellington longer I would have been very keen to come back for a meal. It also has a rooftop bar, but sadly as it was raining, the rooftop was closed when we were there. Next time we are back in Wellington I will be heading back here for a meal and a glass of wine at the rooftop bar.

Neo Cafe

We stopped in here for a morning coffee, and the Whittakers chocolate cake caught my eye, but it was far too early for cake at that time (is it ever too early for cake though?). The cake stuck in my mind all day, so before our flight home, I dragged us back to Neo Cafe so that I could pick up a slice to take home with me. This was the BEST. CAKE. EVER. For those of you who are not from New Zealand, Whittakers chocolate is pretty much our pride and joy, and is the most delicious thing ever. So you can imagine that a cake made from Whittakers is truly delightful. To top it off, it even had salted caramel icing. And I’m not even really a cake person.

Our whirlwind weekend trip totally reignited my love for Wellington, and I can’t wait to get back there asap (mostly for the cake). Are there any places that I need to hit next time?



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