My Favourite Skincare Products

It feels like I’ve been searching for the perfect skincare routine for the longest time. And guys, I think I’ve finally found it. I know, I can’t believe it either. One of the ways that I find new products is from blogs, so I thought I’d share the products with you, just in case anyone out there is interested.

Garnier Micellar Water

I wrote about this way back in August, and I’m still loving it. Over the past year, I’ve used two bottles of this stuff. Considering I use it every single day, often more than once, I’m pretty happy with how long it lasts.

I start off my nightly skin care routine by putting a few squirts of this on a cotton pad. It removes all my makeup and leaves my face feeling pretty clean.

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

After trying out tonnes of different drugstore cleansers, I recently purchased Cetaphil for the first time, and this stuff is seriously changing my life. I have the one for oily skin, but they have versions for all skin types. I apply it to my face with warm water, after I have used to the micellar water, to get rid of any lingering makeup and give my face a deep clean. Ever since I have been using this, my skin has completely cleared up and is so soft and glowy. Seriously amazing. And to think, I was getting ready to shell out the big bucks for a more high-end product.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty and Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Masks

I talked about the Mask of Magnaminty when I first bought it, and I am still loving this product. It has this very calming scent which smells delicious and also makes me feel really relaxed. Whilst wearing it, you can totally feel it working on your skin to give it a deep clean, and the morning after applying this, my skin is always clear and blemish free – it’s amazing. I even sometimes just use this as a spot treatment if I don’t feel like covering my whole face.

I love the Cup O’ Coffee mask almost as much as the Mask of Magnaminty. I find that the Mask of Magnaminty is better at treating breakouts, but other than that, the Cup O’ Coffee mask is just as good. It smells delightful as if you are covering your face in coffee and chocolate, which you kind of are. As you rinse this one off, you can exfoliate your face with the coffee grinds. The end result is glowing, soft, smooth skin which smells amazing. I love using this one in the morning or during the day if I’m working at home, to perk me up in the afternoon when my concentration is lacking but it’s too late in the day for a coffee.

Both of these masks are self-preserving, which means they last a lot longer than the fresh masks from Lush, but still use all natural ingredients. I usually do a mask at least once a week – more if I have the time!

What are your holy grail skincare products that I need to try?


I’m Still Alive!

Hello hello hello!

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little bit quiet lately. I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I promise. In fact, I’ve written about a hundred posts in my head, they just haven’t quite made it to paper, so to speak. For those of you still here, thanks for sticking around during my radio silence. I have good reason, I swear.

You might remember that a little while ago, I told you I was heading back to uni this year. I’ve now nearly finished the first semester, and I tell ya, it’s been pretty busy. Balancing work and full time study, whilst maintaining something that resembles a life, has been quite the challenge, but a good challenge.

I have to say, despite the never ending deadlines, I’m really loving being back at uni. I’ve always been a bit of an academic at heart. Most of my work is done online, so I do a lot of it from the comfort of my couch, which is awesome. I could really get used to this “work from home” thing. I’m also lucky enough to have family with houses in beautiful parts of the country, so when I get sick of my lounge, I just drive to one of their places and set up shop for a few days. It’s pretty ideal.

Apart from study and work, there’s been a lot of Netflix watching. I’ve made my way through Riverdale, Girlboss, 13 Reasons Why and I’m sure there are other things I can’t think of right now. What’s everyone else been watching? I need recommendations for my “study breaks”.

So that’s a quick update of what’s been happening with me. I’ll try get some more posts up asap, but if it’s a bit quiet, now you know why! I still post regularly on Instagram, so if you’re looking for me, you can always find me there.

Talk soon!