First Impressions: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

In the last year or so, I’ve really jumped on the Lush bandwagon, and slowly but surely, my bathroom is filling up with those token black Lush pots.

After watching a review on Youtube about the Mask of Magnaminty, I was desperate to give it a go, and so yesterday, I treated myself to it. I was not having the best skin day, waking up with tired and blemished skin, and I was hoping this mask would be my savior.

I should note that this mask is self preserving, which means it lasts longer than normal Lush masks. I think mine has about four months left before it expires. All ingredients are natural, and listed on the pot.

The first thing I noticed when putting on is how minty it smelt. If you don’t like mint, probably don’t bother with this one. I left it on for a bit over 10 minutes, and in that time I could definitely feel it working on my skin.

I washed it off with warm water. There are some gritty bits in the mask which are meant to work as an exfoliater, which means not only are you getting a good deep clean, but you are exfoliating your skin as you wash it off.

I have to say, I think I was expecting miracles, as I do with all new beauty products. I was hoping to remove this mask to reveal perfectly flawless skin, which didn’t happen (but come on, is any product THAT good?). My skin did however feel much cleaner after using this, and I’m hoping that with regular use, the more effective it will be in helping me realize my vision of flawless, glowing skin.

Have you tried this? Are there any other Lush masks I have to try?




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