Lessons Learnt in 2016

For me, 2016 has been a year of trying to find some clarity, to figure out what my goals and passions are. Looking back on this year, I realize I’ve learnt a few little life lessons, that will be invaluable to me as I go through life. So for all you twenty-somethings out there, here’s what I’ve learnt this year.

You are you, and that’s okay

This one is so important. I often find myself second guessing my feelings, opinions, and actions, based on what I think others would do in my situation. But the thing is, only I feel the way I feel, and like the things I like. No one else is like me, and therefore I shouldn’t judge myself against others, because they are completely different individuals, and making comparisons in entirely pointless. To quote a popular phrase of 2016, “you do you”.

See your problems as challenges

This is something I have only recently learnt, and and it has completely changed my outlook. There are so many hurdles we have to overcome all the time. But rather than seeing them as barriers stopping us from getting results, maybe we should be looking at our problems as challenges, as things that we can work through bit by bit to get to our goals. Seeing my problems as challenges has really helped me to be more proactive at making things happen.

Things will happen exactly when they are meant to happen

This is something my mum told me a few years ago, and the older I get, the more it rings true. For me personally, I can spend a lot of time thinking about what I “should” be doing at this moment in my life, but not really moving forward, because I’m just not ready to take that leap into something yet. I’ve learnt that if you don’t feel ready to do something, then don’t force it. Because when the time is right, you’ll leap straight into it, and be ready to fully commit.

Don’t worry about the future so much

This one ties in with the point above. It’s important to make plans, and have an idea of what you want in your future, to give you something to work towards. But this shouldn’t take over your life. If you want a new job, then work towards that. If you want to save for a house, then do that. But just remember, to enjoy now, and live in the moment too.

Nobody really cares about what you are doing

Okay, well maybe that’s not entirely true, but what I mean is that we spend a lot of time worrying about what other people are thinking about the decisions we make. But really, how long do you spend agonizing over the decision your friend made to leave her job? Do you spend your whole day talking about that person on your Facebook feed who recently decided to ditch her teaching career to become a pilot (or something like that)? Probably not. If anything, when I hear that someone has made a ballsy decision, no matter what it is, I usually think about how brave and awesome they are for taking a leap of faith, even if it’s not something I would personally do.

So those are a few little life lessons that I’ll be taking with me into 2017, I hope some of you out there will find these useful too.


Songs You Should Listen To This Christmas

Okay it’s been way too long since my last post. It’s amazing how busy life can get, and all of a sudden a month has passed without me even realizing.

Speaking of time flying by, it’s almost December again! When did that happen? You know what that means though, it’s almost time to start playing the Christmas music. I’m going to be honest with you here, and tell you that I’ve been listening to festive playlists non-stop since the beginning of the week. Usually I have a “no Christmas music before the 1st of December” rule, but when I saw the Happy Holidays genre pop up front and centre on Spotify on Monday, I just couldn’t resist.

So, to get us all into the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d share five Christmas songs that I absolutely love. Although I do enjoy the classics, I have to admit that I can’t get enough of all the poppy tunes that are gracing my Spotify playlists. So, for those of you who also get great joy out of hearing insanely poppy Christmas jams, here is my round up of Christmas songs you have to listen to this year

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

This has been a staple in my December playlist every Christmas for a good four or five years now. Every time I hear it, I find myself swaying along, imagining I’m sitting by a fire, watching it snow outside. Which is quite the opposite to the classic beachy weather we are used to at Christmas time here in New Zealand.

My Only Wish (This Year) – Britney Spears

This one takes me back to being about 12 years old, dancing around the lounge on Christmas Eve with my brothers and sister. I think it was featured on one of those Christmas compilation CDs. It’s exactly what you would expect of a Britney song from the year 2000, an upbeat pop-tastic song about wishing for her true love.


All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

I think this one speaks for itself,  isn’t this everyone’s favorite Christmas song?


Underneath The Tree – Kelly Clarkson

If you’re a Kelly Clarkson fan, you’ll probably love this one. It’s upbeat, and rivals Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas in my books (big call I know). Literally every time I hear it, I have this urge to throw my hands up in the air and sing “YOU”RE HERE, WHERE YOU SHOULD BEEEE”. This is another one of those songs that makes me really sad that we don’t get to experience the magic of a white Christmas here in New Zealand.


Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

I’m not usually a big Ariana fan, but this one is just so fun to sing along to. It turns out Ariana has a couple of Christmas albums, who knew?


So, that’s a round up of the songs I’m looking forward to singing my little heart out to this Christmas.

What are your go to Christmas songs? Comment and leave a link below to your favorite songs, and I will give them a listen.