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Those Little Moments of Happiness

When we talk about “finding happiness”, I think we see it as a long term goal, or a project. This great big thing that we are trying to achieve. Like, when I finally get that job I love, or move to that new city,  I’ll be happy. But the thing is, life is never perfect, and it never will be. I might get that dream job, but that doesn’t mean the other aspects of my life will be perfect. Life is forever changing, and forever growing, and what I think will make me truly happy today, may be different tomorrow.

I was once watching an episode of One Tree Hill, and one of the characters said the following quote:

“Happiness is a mood, not a destination”

That pearl of wisdom has always, always stuck with me. But sometimes I forget, and I focus on the bigger, long term picture, rather than the small moments.

Today I went out for a walk. The sun was shining, my current favourite song was playing through my headphones, and I had just had a really nice coffee date with my sister. As I walked through the park, enjoying the sun, I noticed that I had this massive smile on my face, for no particular reason. I realized that in that moment I was feeling so much happiness, that it was literally causing me to have this massive uncontrollable smile. Nothing major had happened or changed, it was just a moment of happiness.

I wished I could stay that way forever. But, you can’t. In some moments you will feel pure happiness, and in some moments you won’t. It’s those little moments that we need to strive for, and appreciate them when they do happen. Yes, we should keep working towards our big picture goals and ambitions. But we need to remember that we are not going to just one day arrive at our destination of happiness, and stay there for ever. We need to enjoy those little moments of joy along the way. There will be happy days, and sad days, and everything in between. And that’s okay.

So for today, I’m taking note of all of the little things that bring that happy smile to my face, and do more of that. For me it’s walking by the water, or in the park, listening to music, and drinking coffee with my nearest and dearest.

What is it for you?





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