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Throwback Thursday – Fun in Fiji

Thursdays are all about throwing it back to times gone by. Right now here in New Zealand, it is the middle of winter. And these dreary days have got me dreaming of sunnier times. With this in mind, I’m going to throw it back to exactly two years ago, when I was recovering from a terrible flu, and decided to trade in the rainy Auckland winter for the blue skies of Fiji with four of my girlfriends.

We rented a two bedroom apartment in a resort, and had eight amazing days of sun, cocktails, swimming and all those things you do on an island getaway. It is still one of my favourite holidays to look back on.

Fiji is an amazing place to go if you just want a few days of pure relaxation, where your biggest concerns are which pool you are going to lounge beside that day, and where you will go for happy hour. Based on my experiences, the food wasn’t especially exciting, it was all pretty similar to what I can get here in Auckland, but twice the price.  But hey, you don’t go there for the food.

We stayed at the Wyndham Resort on Denerau Island, and spent our days pool hopping around the various resorts in the area. Absolute bliss. We also did a boat cruise out to Tivua Island.

Check out a few of my snaps from the trip below. Soon I’m going on another winter getaway, and I’m pretty glad about that, otherwise I’d be feeling seriously sad looking at those blue skies.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for sunny holiday destinations, for anyone looking to escape the winter?



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