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Throwback Thursday – Fun in Fiji

Thursdays are all about throwing it back to times gone by. Right now here in New Zealand, it is the middle of winter. And these dreary days have got me dreaming of sunnier times. With this in mind, I'm going to throw it back to exactly two years ago, when I was recovering from a terrible flu, and… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Fun in Fiji


My First Beauty Haul

Last week I did my first ever online beauty haul. I purchased a bunch of products from Beauty Joint, and they arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I thought some of you out there might be interested to know what I got, and my first impressions of the products. All photos are from  CITY COLOR… Continue reading My First Beauty Haul

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Learning to Cook – The Couple Edition

One of the things I'm quickly figuring out as I get deeper into my twenties is that adulting is hard. Paying rent every week, waking up early everyday, preparing healthy meals for myself etc. That last one, preparing meals, is one that I have always struggled with, ever since I started cooking for myself. It's… Continue reading Learning to Cook – The Couple Edition