Baking Cookies and Learning Life Lessons

Tonight I decided to bake some cookies. Now the last time I baked would have been a good few years ago. Mostly this is because my house was not equipped with the necessities of baking, but also, I just find it kind of stressful. But, I felt like doing something productive tonight. And if I’m honest, I kinda had this idea that I would end up with these beautiful Pinterest worthy cookies that I could post about on the blog.

As I mixed the ingredients together, I was feeling quite proud of myself. “I should do this more often”, I thought.

As I progressed though, I realized it really wasn’t working out. The mixture wasn’t looking like a cookie mixture should. I put extra butter in, mixed it for a million hours, and still nothing worked. I was all prepared to give up, when I realized that I’d forgotten to add the egg in. Yes, I forgot the egg. Such a failure.

But ya know what, it wasn’t too late. I chucked that egg in the mixture at the very last minute, and although the whole process took about an hour longer than it should have, and left my kitchen in a mess, they still tasted pretty good, and the flatmates enjoyed them.

So what did I learn? I’m not sure really. Maybe that we all make silly mistakes sometimes, but if we keep ploughing on, we will get there in the end?

Although I admit the cookies weren’t a complete disaster, they do not look Pinterest worthy, soooo I won’t be posting a picture. Here are some pictures of what I had hoped they would look like, so just imagine that they look like that.

Anyway, that was my Monday night misadventure. Off to bed for me.




Melbourne Exploring

Last weekend I took a quick trip across the ditch to one of my favorite cities, Melbourne. Every time I’m there, I fall a little more in love with the place.

I was there primarily to attend a friend’s wedding, but of course I made time to wander and explore, as I love to do.

The thing I love most about Melbourne is all the little hidden and unexpected gems you come across. One moment you’re shopping in H&M and the next your in an alleyway covered in colorful street art.

So below are a few of my favorite things from my little weekend escape.

Hozier Lane

This colourful lane is hidden away just near Federation Square. The walls are covered from top to bottom in amazing designs. It is an Instagrammer’s paradise.


Hozier Lane

Wild Timor Coffee Co.

This tiny little cafe is situated in a quiet area in Carlton, and is a nice little escape from the busy city, even though it is only a few minutes from the centre of town on the tram. The coffee beans are from Timor, and the slice that I had was raw and vegan. It was all delicious. More info about the cafe is here.


Wild Timor

Fed Square Book Market

We stumbled across the Fed Square Book Market where we spent a good half hour (and could have spent a lot longer), looking at the thousands of books they had. My favorite was this  little one which included cute quotes like the one below. I’m a sucker for a cute quote. You may recognize this one from the classic Taylor Swift song, “You Belong With Me”.


Fed Square Book Market

Something I spotted from the window of Topshop

Lastly, here is one which I noticed whilst browsing in Topshop. As mentioned above, I can’t go past a good inspirational quote.


Travelling Alone – The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

If you follow any sort of travel blog, you have probably heard it before – travelling alone is possibly the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

A few years ago I went on my first ever big travel adventure, and I went all on my lonesome. Before setting off, I was absolutely terrified, to the point of holding back tears at the airport. But I can tell you now, this was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I would one hundred percent recommend solo travel to anyone.

So why is this is such a valuable experience? Below are a few reasons why I absolutely love travelling solo.

The people you will meet

When you’re travelling alone, you have two choices:

  1. Talk to that person and potentially make a new friend, or at the very least, have an interesting conversation.
  2. Don’t talk to that person, and spend the day alone.

Some days, you will be completely happy in your own company, and on other days you will miss the company of other humans. Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone, to speak to people you might not usually speak to. The people you meet while solo travelling are truly special, because they will be the people that you can look back and share those experiences with. I’ll always fondly remember the Singaporean girl who became the person I explored various European cities with. We were two people from completely different life backgrounds, who bonded over a mutual love for Taylor Swift and coffee.

The people I’ve met while travelling will forever hold a special place in my memory banks.

The things you will do

When travelling alone, no one else can choose how you spend your day, but you. The freedom of choice to do whatever you like, whenever you like, is the best. Feel like spending your day shopping? Then do it. Feel like going to a museum? The choice is yours. Feel like sitting in bed and eating snacks? Do it!

The trip will be full of all the things you ever wanted to do, and none of the things you didn’t want to do.

The realization that you can do anything

Travelling is not always easy. There will be flights that get delayed, tours that aren’t quite what you expected, and days when you just miss home.

When you’re alone though, all that you can do is get on with it and sort it out, one step at a time. You will be amazed at what you are capable of, when you have to be.

The discovery that you are your own best friend

My solo adventures have shown me just how okay I am in my own company. There are many hours and days spent alone when traveling on your own. There will be long layovers in airports, walking through cities, and sight seeing all on your lonesome. As long as you have some good tunes, a good book, and a passion to explore, you will be totally fine.

You will learn to appreciate how rare and precious those moments when you are completely alone really are, without the responsibilities of everyday life.

So go on, explore. Just you, your iPhone and a Lonely Planet guide. Have fun.


Yosemite National Park, California